Local Search Optimization

Each of your customers has done it.  They’ve gone online to find a business in YOUR area that provides what YOU provide.

But are they finding you?

Getting your website to the top of the search engine results is more than just publishing it and hoping for the best.  You have to know the aspects that are required to get you at the top of the Local Search results so that consumers in your area are calling you… NOT your competition.

Venticode is expert at managing the three different aspects of Local Search, including:

    • Google Search

Google is the largest search engine, having at least a 65% share of the market.  Their Local searching is specifically tailored to the people living in your town, searching for you… or your competitors.

    • Off-Site / Off-Places

Adding your business to directories will not only increase the number of inbound links you have (which then increases your Local Score), but it also provides credibility when people can find you on reputable websites.

    • Inbound Links

Google, Bing and Yahoo determine how good your site is by how popular your site is – whether trusted websites on a global, national and regional level have your link on their page.  We’ll help you get those links.

We have a 6-point checklist that we will use to work with you during your FREE 15-Minute Consultation to determine if your website will meet your Local Search Optimization needs.

During that consultation we’ll talk about what’s on the checklist, including:

    • What your content means for your results
    • How to configure your page correctly for SEO
    • What incoming links you’ll need and which ones you need to avoid.

Now, let’s be clear – we can’t wave a magic wand and put you at #1 on Google overnight.  But we do use highly effective techniques that have been proven to work for our other clients.

Plainly put – we know what it will take to get your website in front of your potential customers.

We can throw numbers at you all day long, but the long and short of it is that the web is no longer a luxury item and the world is moving to a more online-based way of life.  We want to work with you to bring you into today’s technology and keep you at the head of the pack.

Local Search Optimization is only part of the SEO services that we provide.  We also have a very successful track record in getting our clients ranked in the global search results.

SEO can get your prospect to visit your website, but what happens once they get there?  Will they want to spend money with you once they see your site?

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